Who We Are

SLF Media is a New-Media Holdings Company and an ecosystem built about Content, Talent and Solutions for the urban-Indian youth culture. It is a One-Stop Content and Strategy Shop that creates unique opportunities in the form of independent content franchises featuring authentic lifestyle and culturally-driven talents and stories across video, editorial and design for brands and marketeers.
SLF Media manifests itself via its subsidiaries Shoelace Films, #ashtags, Merch and Vibe.

Shoelace Films

Shoelace Films is a video content agency which makes independent and branded content mostly engaging in authentic stories and cultures in urban & sub-urban environments. In its independent content it curates lifestyle driven talent voicing and advocating them in the culture it intends to address apart from offering it’s services as a video content developer to whoever is in need of such solutions.



#ashtags is a socially relevant content, strategy & communication shop specifically designed with the intention to do content in context on Digital ( internet ) for businesses, individuals, brands and franchises. It offers solutions which are dynami cand do core message amplification to the right kind of audiences thus creating long term and short term conversations with consumers socially.



Merch is a design and branding shop which caters and extends a communication identity to business and cultures via visual design merchandise and collateral relevant to current design aesthetics. Apart from offering end to end design packaging solutions to power the extension of brands, Merch via design also takes an opinion on trending matters in the urban youth space making short and long format design content.



The Vibe lends its voice as an authentic content destination ( publisher ) documenting the change in narrative for urban youth culture via Life ( lifestyle ) ; Influencers ( people ) and Experiences ( stories ). It creates and curates content which brings significance and awareness to the constantly evolving urban youth in the county.