Outside India explores what it means to be different in India, as it shines a light on those segments that find themselves in conflict with the majoritarian concept of the “Indian” identity. With Outside India, we attempt to break new ground, focussing on the lives of those whose stories are mostly untold.

The series follows New-Delhi-based journalist and development consultant Kerry Harwin on his journey to discover the fringe Indian communities, people and their stories which remain ignored by the mainstream media.

The series’ content intersects a Ken Burns-styled documentary with an authentic-approach to gritty journalistic storytelling. While not shying away from controversy, the content also adheres to rigorous standards of research and fact-checking, harnessing the power of individual storytelling to explore broader social themes.

Intended for both Indian and Foreign audiences, Outside In goes beyond the common documentary narrative to tell the stories of those who are outsiders in the places they chose to call home.

  • Run Time : 6 * 5 Mins
  • Genre : Lifestyle /Culture / Adventure / People
  • Format : TV / Digital
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